Music Mixing and Mastering Services

Gimme some spice! (sparkle) Gimme some oomph! (bass)

Professional Post Production Music Mixing and Mastering

Take your song or album to the next level and get the polished sound you’re looking for with professional mixing and mastering services.

Our lead audio and mixing engineer, Jay Helmus, has helped hundreds of artists achieve the sound they’re after. Jay works closely with each artist to understand their vision and bring it to life. Your input and feedback are absolutely critical in the process of shaping the sound of your final mix.

Our philosophy is that the true secret sauce of a good ‘mix’ doesn’t necessarily come from the mixer at all. It comes from the musicians themselves (you). It comes from the performance, the song, the instruments, tracking techniques and the arrangement. A good mixing engineer simply highlights the good stuff that’s already there while simultaneously trying to carve away the bad. Obviously, effects and enhancements are important too and they have their place… But sometimes finding a great mix is not about what can be added to a song… but rather what can be chipped away. Like a sculpture, the mix is often already there. It just has to be revealed.

Oh yeah, and the drums gotta go boom.


Collaborative Process

Creative Effects and Enhancements

Highly Experienced

Any Genre

We’ve worked with…

July Talk (Live)
Colin James (Live)
The Arkells (Live)
Omni Jewelcrafters
Dear Rouge (Live)
Aurora (Live)
USS (Live)
The Struts (Live)
Surrender The Fallen
Whitney Winkler
The Trews (Live)
Hakan S.
Barnes Courtney (Live)
K. Flay (Live)
Wintersleep (Live)
Hollorado (Live)
Kevin Bright
Matt Mays (Live)
Amber Skye

Tor Miller (Live)
Sammi Morelli
The Balconies (Live)
BROS. (Live)
Jeremy Casalla
Emma Wigglesworth
Peter Wildman
Attica Riots (Live)
John Masecar
Marantha Church Chicago
Marissa Ochoa
Jimmy Eat World (Live)
Classic Albums Live (Live)
The Broods (Live)
Darcys (Live)
Bleeker (Live)
Driven Astray
Rue Ray
The Revivalists (Live)
Rag ‘N Bone Man (Live)
Dylan Owen

Big Wreck (Live)
Michael Quark
Scotty Rohan
Hannah Georgas (Live)
Matt Beebe
Darenots (Live)
Mark Midwinter
Catfish & The Bottlemen
Heather Meori
Aurora (Live)
Age of Electric (Live)
Banners (Live)
Mother Mother (Live)
Ascot Royals (Live)
Judah and the Lion (Live)
Current Swell (Live)
Chansz Odero
Patraporn T.
Bull Funk Zoo
K.I.D (Live)

Lucius (Live)
I Am Cassettes
Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
Port Streets
The Long Wait
The Pack AD (Live)
Scotty Rohan
Shelley Zavitz
Derek Floyd
Gigi Rowe
To The Trees
Jeremy Voltz
Coleman Hell (Live)
Cristian Stuart
Jennifer Perez
Elwins (Live)
James Hersey (Live)
Alisha Jade
New Pornographers (Live)
The Sheepdogs (Live)
Sam Roberts Band (Live)

…and many more.